Friday, March 23, 2007

The wind STILL blows!

And blows and blows and blows....seriously...I DID NOT miss the wind here. Give me Southern Utah with it's hot temps over the wind least with the hot temps there is air conditioning. Here there is no escape from the WIND.

Well, lots happening lately. One of the sites I had applied to be on a design team with had chosen their design team. She had asked if I would consider doing a guest spot for her if she decided to go that route. I of course said yes! So I emailed her about a week ago asking if she was still considering having guest designers. She emailed me back saying one of the current designers had to drop the DT due to personal reasons and asked if I would like to join in her stead. I'll give you three guesses as to what I said and the first two don't count!! :)

Also, my in-laws were supposed to be here from last night thru next Tuesday. Well, last Saturday we got the news that my mother in law was in the hospital. My father in law couldn't wake her up....she had been sleeping for about 24 hours. He took her to the ER and they admitted her to ICU. Apparently she had some kind of something going on with her colon and taking too many antiobiotics. She is out of ICU now, but I don't know if she is out of the hospital So they are planning to come in May. The kids were disappointed but thats the way it goes. I am just glad she is doing better. DH and his mom are SUPER close and it would just devastate him if anything happened to her.

On the plus side, Colleen will be here in less than a week! More about her later!

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Tam said...

I am soooo excited for you on your DT spot! I can't wait to see what wonderful works of art you do!