Sunday, June 10, 2007

As promised....

here is an update of how crazy things have been lately.

Last Sunday we went over to see my sister and her kids. This is the first time we have been able to see them since November 28 of last year. Things happened and Brandy got mad and she had been listening to other people that had no clue what was really going on. Long story short....she wouldn't call us, wouldn't return our calls, wouldn't let us have ANY contact with my nieces and nephew. Finally this last week we were able to go see them. Things went better than expected and it was good to see them all.

On our way over to Whitefish (where they live, 3 hours away from here) we stopped in Browning for gas. Browning is on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. We were at the gas station there getting gas when this man walks in with a beautiful baby girl. My mom made a comment about how pretty she was (she was beautiful!) and this man goes "yeah, but I have to give her away." When we ask why he says because he is going to prison. He keeps handing the baby to my mom and taking her back and handing her to my mom again throughout the whole conversation. We asked him what her name was and he said "Well, they call her Laila Ray but I call her Samantha." When I asked him how old she was he goes "Welll, she's not quite a year." She was MAYBE 2 months old. He just keeps going on and on about how he has to give her away cause he's going to prison and blah blah blah. My mom asks him where the baby's mom is and he goes "She is dead." I said "Oh, I'm sorry" He goes "Don't be. She got shot."

About this time a woman walks into the store and he goes over to her (my mom has the baby) and they get into an argument and the woman leaves. He takes the baby and takes off and we tell him good luck and leave. As we are getting into the car he comes out of the store and asks us if we can help him get some food for her. My mom asked him what kind of food and the guy goes "Well, we just feed her whatever when she is hungry." (Keep in mind she is maybe 2 months old.) My mom says you can't give a baby that small just food, she needs formula. SO the guy goes "yeah, formula." My mom asked if there was formula in the store and he says yes. SO she starts to give me some money to go get formula for this baby and he throws the baby into my arms, grabs the money, and say's "I'll go in and get it." About this time a man in a maroon car yells "Come On Ray!" The guy says wait a minute and goes into the store. After he left an older woman comes over and takes the baby out of my arms and they go over to the maroon car. The older woman hands the baby to the woman that came in to the store and got in and argument with Ray. They all load into the car and take off. Ray comes out of the store yelling. He asks my mom if we can give him a ride and my mom says no , no room. About this time 2 BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs---reservation cops..) agents pull up. We are starting to pull out of the driveway of the station when they yell at us to stop. This big one comes over and asks "Where is the child in question?" So we tell him that some people took her and took off. They come over and search the car and we (my mom and I) have to fill out statements about what happened. The BIA agents arrest Ray.

Wanna know what for?

KIDNAPPING! And he was trying to SELL the baby for booze! AND the woman that came into the store and got into the argument with him was baby's mommy...she wasn't dead.


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Marci said...

I could see that one coming a mile away. I'm surprised that you all didn't go into store and tell the clerk to cops right then and there. What a freakin' nightmare. I'm glad that you and your mom weren't hurt.