Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Click for FREE Mammograms!

The Breast Cancer Site is running a thing where every time you click thru a special link, it goes towards donating mammograms for women who can't afford one. If they reach 500 mammograms, their sponsor will donate an additional 150 mammograms.

All it takes is a click. Two seconds out of your day. And while you are thinking about that, I will tell you about Nancy.

Nancy was a dear friend of my mother-in-laws. I didn't know Nancy very well, but I did know her. She was a giving, loving person. I think about her often, and this month, I have been thinking about her more.

Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer. If I remember correctly, she had a double mastectomy. She thought the cancer was gone, but it wasn't. It came back, and it came back with a vengeance. She got cancer in her bones. Every day was a day full of pain for her. She tried numerous chemotherapy treatments. None of them worked.

Nancy had a son, Jordan, who was serving an LDS mission to Asia. (I believe he was in China.) Nancy knew she was dying, but kept going thru the treatments so she could see her son. Jordan was going to come home early to see her, but Nancy wanted Jordan to continue in his mission to serve the Lord. (LDS missions are for two years. Young men leave home at 19 for two years, and young women leave at 21 for 18 months.)

Sadly, Nancy lost her battle with cancer. It's been a few years now. Thankfully, (if I remember correctly...Jen, me out here....) Nancy was able to see her boy before she passed on. He had been home just a short amount of time (around a week) before she passed away.

Let's click for Nancy. Or for your grandmother. Or your mom. Your aunt. Your sister. Your friend down the street. Click for YOU. Click for the single mom of three who is working three jobs and found a lump....but can't afford a mammogram.

All it takes is a click. They are at 90% of their goal and there is seven days left.

The Breast Cancer Site.

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