Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Rich Get Richer.....

Yesterday I went to pay our rent. Our landlord lives in a gated community in a GORGEOUS million dollar plus home that I just knew if I looked at it funny it would break. This place was gorgeous! I had my little munchkin with me and I was afraid to have her walk on the floor! So, as I was talking to our landlords sister, I found out some stuff.

Our landlord and her husband have 4 homes just in St. George
The husband also has two commercial buildings that he owns in St. George.
They have 3 homes in Mesquite, NV.
They have one home in Hawaii.
They are also in the process of building a home in Samoa (where the wife is from.)

Can you guess how many rentals they have?

ONE. Yup.....ours. The rest they live in when they are not traveling.

INSANE. You would think that with that kind of money they could afford to give us a break on the rent lol!

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Ginger said...

I hear ya girl. If I could just get ahead a little.