Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not Much New...

Not much new to report here. Life still goes on...the kids still fight...the jobs still wait for us. Well...maybe there is some new stuff.

1. Our car broke down. Again. I tell you....we just have NO luck with cars. I don't know what it is. Maybe because the only cars we can afford are ones that are pretty close to being on their last legs anyway. But in ours....the oil is somehow mixing with the antifreeze. There is a cracked head in the engine thus necessitating a new engine. In order for us to go ANYWHERE we have to pour a bunch of water in the radiator, let the car rest as soon as we get to where we are going, and then pour more water in the radiator to come home. And it only will go a few miles before we start having obscene amounts of smoke coming from under the hood. Just ONCE I would like luck to be on our side.

2. Nolen has three more days of school and then he is out. The other day he told me" Mom, I can't believe I am going to be in 2nd grade next year! Man I am getting SO old!" Thanks Bubby....that must mean Mom is getting old too??

3. We MIGHT be moving. Again. Sigh.... Fact of the matter is, we just simply CANNOT afford to live in St. George. As much as we both love it here and would like to stay here...we just can't afford it. We save every penny we can just for rent and even then we don't have the rent because we still have to have groceries and the car problem has been taking ALOT of money. The car is also blowing through gas like no-one's business.....so the money we DID have saved for rent....gone to the car. And I really hate having to tell my kids no every time sign ups come around for something....Nolen really wants to join karate and do soccer, Annie wants to do gymnastics and ballet, and they would both LOVE to be able to do swim lessons. But I have to say no to everything cause we never have the money. I get tired of that. So, we are thinking that maybe a move to an area that is not as expensive might be the ticket. We were thinking of Logan, Utah. I have a friend that lives up that way and have been asking her questions about the area. She says that Logan is very busy and lots of smog and traffic...which is what we don't want again. We want some place a little bit slower...and the smog definitely wouldn't help our son's asthma. So, now we are thinking Brigham City, Utah. About 30 minutes to Logan and about 30 minutes to Ogden. Closer to family, his and mine. It's really hard to be somewhere where we don't really have any family. Randon's older brother does live here but we NEVER see him.

4. Um...what else is changing? Oh, one of my dearest dearest friends is getting married in August. Guess who gets to be a bridesmaid?

5. All I can say about this one is OH! MY! FREAKING! GOSH! Remember that little "boy band" that I have a huge crush on? Guess what guess what guess what! They have announced a tour date for Las Vegas in October and one for Salt Lake City for November! YES! New Kids on the Block came through for me! Do you even have a clue what I would do for a ticket to this show? I would give up every ticket to every other concert I have ever been to just for this one...and I have been to some pretty awesome concerts....Sugar Ray, Everclear, 311, Pearl Jam, Blink 182 (Three times!)....there's more. But the point is I have been to some pretty good ones...been in the pit for most of them. I would give them all up for a ticket to New Kids. ALL of them. That is all I want for my birthday is a New Kids ticket...maybe two so a friend could go too...wow that would just be awesome!

1 Totally cool people said::

Melanie said...

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the car, they really can be pains at times.

Our last car was always breaking down on us and we eventually traded it in and couldn't be happier. Hopefully luck will come your way too.

I hope you get your birthday wish.