Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fight FoCA

As some of you may know, President-Elect Barack Obama recently gave a speech where he said that the first thing he would do in office is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.

What is the Freedom of Choice Act? Let me tell you.

This is an act that would remove EVERY RESTRICTION on abortion nationwide. EVERY RESTRICTION. So that 14 year old girls who get pregnant can go into an abortion clinic and get an abortion WITHOUT parental consent.

It will also eradicate the requirement that women be informed of the risks associated with getting an abortion.

It would eliminate bans on Partial Birth abortions. (If you are unfamiliar with Partial Birth Abortions here is an excellent brief visual description.)

It would make it so that hospitals HAVE TO, by LAW, allow babies to die and not intervent medically if the babies lived through a botched abortion. Even if it goes against everything that these hospitals may believe in (such as religious hospitals.)(Here is another post on these heinous acts.)

This is wrong. SO wrong. He wants to make murder legal. And YES, it is MURDER if you are having an abortion just for the sake of not wanting a child. Babies have a heartbeat before most women know they are pregnant, at approximately 4 weeks gestational age. They are developing organs and some organs may begin to function at this point. If a heartbeat isn't an indicator of life, well, then, I don't know what to think. Since when is it OK to end the life of a living human (outside of necessary medical means)?.

Everyone goes on about "the woman's choice." What about the baby's choice? I would guarantee that the baby would choose to live. In my opinion the woman lost her right to choose when she chose to have unprotected sex. There are always other options, such as adoption. (Please note that in the event of a rape that I think that is an extenuating circumstance, but again....there is always adoption.)

I feel very strongly about this. I urge you to fight The Freedom of Choice Act. Please, for the babies sakes, do NOT let Obama sign this into legislation.

Fight FoCA

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Jessica said...

totally agree with you on this one!

Mach Momma said...

I stumbled onto your blog while looking for LDS moms. Thanks for your post about FOCA. I heard a little bit about it, but you did an awesome job. Can I put a link to it from my blog?