Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ooops he did it again!

So have you ever heard that saying "It rains when it pours"? Right now at our house it's flood season.

Randon's hours have been cut again. My hours are few....max of about 6 a week. Randon's wages have been garnished and they take 25% of his paycheck. We don't see over half of his paycheck every week. The other goes to pay bills.

And then to top it off, yesterday Randon was in a car accident. Now the front end of the car is smushed and the headlight on the passenger side is broke. Well, the lamp is still intact, but the headlight cover is broke. The hood is smushed. I don't know how we are gonna pay for that on top of everything else we don't have money for.

I am just grateful no one was hurt. It was Randon's fault, but the other vehicle's owner isn't going to turn it into insurance because there wasn't any damage to his vehicle, so that's a small blessing.

Sometimes I wonder how much more of things going wrong I can take. We are always told that God never gives us more than we can handle, but I am seriously just about at my wits end. It seems like no matter how hard we are trying to do what is right, or make a living, it never works out. I get so tired of struggling for every red cent we get.

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