Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jon and Kate plus alimony?

So, the word is that the marriage of TLC stars Jon and Kate Gosselin may be over. This is sad news. I have enjoyed watching them through the years and I think that their kids, especially the six little ones, are cuter than I don't know what.

Honestly though, I have to say that I am not surprised. I am sure that living a life in the spotlight like they do puts a tremendous strain on a marriage, not to mention the fact that Kate seems to have become ever more popular and touring the country while Jon stays at home and babysits. Add to this the fact that, according to what we see on TV and what has been printed, Kate can be very belittling to Jon and doesn't seem to be very patient with him. I am sure there are many many aspects of their marriage and relationship that we DON'T see, but from what is shown, I am not surprised that the marriage may be on the rocks.

I hope that they can work through their problems, if not for their sake, then for their children.

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