Thursday, September 10, 2009


I opened a store! Annie Kate & Co. is now open for business! I am excited! Hopefully I will be able to do well with it. I have long loved creating things, but have always given them away. Don't think I mind doing that, because I absolutely DON'T mind giving it away at all. But I was thinking one costs me money to make it, so why can't I make some money FROM it? I have to admit, some one paid me for something I made one time and it did feel really good. Someone liked my stuff enough to pay for it! WOOT!

Here is the link to my store: Annie Kate & Co.. There is also a mini store in the sidebar. Some day I will have a blog just for the store, but it is gonna have to a day when I can actually sit down for a while to do it!

2 Totally cool people said::

Karalene Ludlow said...

Good for you Ang! Very cute ~

Jenn -- said...

Cush wears that necklace everywhere. She loves it. I think I may need to buy one... :)