Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dude, I am so bad......

Just realized it's been nearly three months since my last post. Grr.

So...new year. Not much beyond that. Pretty much the same as last year. Same resolutions were made (I will NOT eat chocolate!) and same resolutions have been broken. Yup...on the first day in.

Kids still doing the school thing, hubby still doing the work thing, me still doing the lazy thing. HA! It's so true though. I really need to get back to the doctor cause all I wanna do is sleep. I need sun. And for more than just 5 nanoseconds a day.

Christmas was good. We really really REALLY are so blessed. It's so easy to focus on the negative, because that is what we seem to have a lot of. (I would even go so far as to say our family is cursed. If I believed in that. Which I don't. Just sayin'.) But really, we are BLESSED. We are SUPER blessed. We are SO blessed and have so many blessings that it's just blessedly awesome.

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