Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sometimes you wonder how people come to decisions in their lives? Do they think them out? Do they just make them on the spur of the moment? Do they put off making a decision until they absolutely can't put it off anymore?

There was a woman that went missing here in Utah a few years ago. It was December 2009, and she just disappeared. Her husband had no clue where she was, why she was gone, etc. He had taking their two boys out camping in the west desert the night she disappeared. (Really, who takes 2 small children CAMPING IN THE DESERT IN THE MIDDLE OF DECEMBER!) Police long suspected that he had something to do with her disappearance, but they never had enough to arrest. The husband moved to Washington State with his two kids. After a lengthy court battle with her family, her parents were awarded custody of the two children. This past weekend the dad had the boys for a visitation weekend, and, while they were there, he killed them. He set their home on fire, and he was killed along with his two sons. It was premeditated. Now, a coroners report has found that the two boys had "chop" marks to the neck and head, so he had tried to decapitate them before the fire was set. How does someone do that? How do they get to that place? I can understand being in a place personally where you feel you have no way out, but I just don't get how they could take someone with them like that. I never will. I can't even comprehend what must have been going through this dad's mind to be able to look at his CHILDREN and do that to them.

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Colleen Rushton said...

It is so sad what he did. I cant understand how he thought that was okay. I get that he was losing control over the only 2 things he had left to control. The state had taken away his children, the investigation was closing in on him.. ect. But it is so very heart breaking what those children had to go through.