Saturday, December 30, 2006

Getting my "Ness" back

So I am gonna try this blog thing again. Seems the 'in" thing to do. I am gonna make a sincere effort to keep it updated. I thought about having several different blogs related to different things, i.e. my everyday life stuff, my scrappy stuff, but decided that would be too much for me to try and keep up on. I do have a life outside the computer LOL! So it's all going on one blog. Much easier for everyone involved.

So, if you've seen "You, Me and Dupree" with Owen Wilson (LOVE HIM) go ahead and raise your hand. Now raise it a little higher so I can see you. If you haven't seen it, GO GET IT RIGHT THIS SECOND. It is hilarious.
There is a part in the movie where Dupree (Owen Wilson) is telling Carl (Matt Dillon) that he has lost his "Carl-ness", the thing that makes him HIM. And that he needs to get his "Carl-ness" back. So I am gonna try to get my own brand of "Carl-ness" back this next year. Except it won't be "Carl-ness". It will be "Whimsy-ness". Or "Angela-ness". Whichever you prefer. Dupree also has his own little brand of mojo, or whatever it is...I don't know for sure. Maybe that's Dupree's "Ness". Except he says he is "Blowing 7 different kinds of smoke....". LOVE THAT! I don't know, I just do.

I challenge all of you to go find your own "Ness". And blow some smoke of your own.

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Kelly said...

Looking good so far! Love the idea of the "ness" thing- have never seen the movie, but it sounds like a great concept :) Happy blogging! I'm gonna stalk you to make sure you keep up with it!!