Friday, January 5, 2007

Hot Cereal

What is it about kids and hot cereal? My kids will not, I repeat NOT, for the life of THEM, eat hot cereal. They won't eat oatmeal, they won't eat rice, they won't eat zoom...seriously, it is starting to P*$$ me off, BIG TIME! They are so picky it isn't even funny. I guess if that is all they had to eat they would, but sheesh! I think they are more aggravating than normal today because I have run out of my medicine and haven't had any for the last couple days. I really need to go get that filled. The doc thinks that maybe I am ready to get off the meds, I have been on them for over a year. But I don't think I am ready. I can tell when I haven't had it that I get (*&*^&%#@$^. HAHA.

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ellen said...

Hi angela! i had to check out your blog b/c i just luv the name!!! i used the ling from savvnsassy! i sit and think about what it means but i think that is what is cool about it.

i had to comment on your "hot cereal" b/c my son is sooo picky. we try and try to get him to try new things because we love to. We go for sushi and all kinds of different things and most of the time i have to bring a pb&j! so i appreciated your blog!!!