Monday, January 8, 2007

Happy Mail and Sad Mail

Got some of both today. But I guess sad mail (bills) is an everyday thing haha. But I did get a package (happy mail) that I have been waiting for! YAY!

I am ready for spring. We have only been in MT a few months, but I I am so missing the mild St. George weather right now. Well, it's mild NOW, in the summer it's the Devils Armpit. But I do miss it. It has been COLD, and SNOWY, and I am SICK, and I haven't had my meds....I am tired...ok, I"ll stop.

The kids are growing up so fast. I remember when I was in high school time seemed to go by SO SLOOOWWWW. I wanted it to hurry hurry hurry. I wanted to hurry and get thru the day, thru the semester, hurry and graduate. Now I just want time to SLOWWWW down...I swear I just had my kids and now they are running around, going to school...they are turning into little people and aren't babies anymore. They will always be my babies, but....ya know....

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