Monday, November 12, 2007


So last night I was watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I LOVE this show. Every week I say I hate it and I am never watching it again because it makes me cry. But I can't help it.....every Sunday at 7:00 guess what I am watching?

Last night's episode was no exception. It really got me thinking. The show was about a father that had 5 teen-age sons. The mom had left a long time ago and he was raising his boys by himself. The house they lived in was pretty much falling down around their ears. They had no beds, no food. Yet they were doing what they could to help other single fathers in their community. When they (the "Dream Team") were asking these boys what would be their dream room, one of them said a bed. The only thing he needed to have a "dream room" was a bed.

After the reveal, and the family was checking out their home, Ty {Pennington} was showing the dad the freezer that was FULL of food. The dad just started crying. He was so grateful that he wouldn't have to worry about how to feed his children.

During the course of the show, I realized something. I really am blessed. Despite all my trials and tribulations, I have SO much to be thankful for. Don't get me wrong...I wouldn't wish my summer on anyone. 4 deaths in my family since June is alot to handle (2 uncles, 1 grandfather, and, worst of all, my dad.) And a car that wasn't falling part would be nice. (REALLY nice. None of the doors close, so they are tied shut with bungee cords. I have to hotwire the car to start it. And the seatbelts are broken. But it RUNS! Not well, but it runs! Haha!)

But, I DO have a sound roof over my head. I have a husband that works hard. I have two beautiful, healthy children. I have three insane cats that I love dearly. (Yes, they WILL be going to Idaho with us lol!) I have no serious, imminent, health threats. (That I know of.) I have a family that I love and they love me. I have food in my cupboard and clothes on my back. I have the restored gospel of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I have a testimony of Him that is strong.

I have so much more than just the obvious. I am able to enjoy freedoms that many aren't. The freedom to say what I want, write what I want, and read what I want. I have the right to bear arms if I choose. I have thousands of men and women protecting those rights and freedoms, and there have been thousands that have died for me and every other American to have the right to enjoy them.

I have been blessed to know and enjoy relationships with all of my grandparents. While all but 1 is now gone, I have known their love in my lifetime. I am grateful that my children got to know my dad before his death. I am grateful for couches to sit on and beds to sleep in and a tv to watch programs to help me remember how truly blessed I am.

2 Totally cool people said::

Marci Knecht said...

That show gets me every time too. I haven't watched it this season, its just too much sometimes. It really does help you to keep things in perspective and be thankful for what you have.

deb said...

I've only seen it a few times but I end up crying at one point - always! Thanks for visiting my blog. A funny little story about EM:HE is that we had them in the city where I work a few weeks back and I've been seeing these signs that say "EM:HE" and couldn't figure out what the heck they were for - DUH! Now I know! :)