Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ok. Wow.

So apparently the post about my purse really upset alot of people. First of all, I want to say I am sorry that some of you were so offended by the things I wrote. Having said that, I am going to clarify a few things.

1. There is only a handful of people that read my blog that know who my husband is. Contrary to what some people may think, we do have a good relationship. Sometimes it may seem it's a little disfunctional, but it works for us. No one but us knows what happens in our home.

2. The post in question was from FRUSTRATION. It wasn't so much about the money aspect of it, but the fact that after REPEATED, and I am not talking two or three times, requests for him to stay out of my purse, that my requests have not been honored. To me, it shows utter lack of respect for a person to go through their personal items. That's the way I was raised. My purse is one of those personal items. Never once, have I gone through his wallet. He will be the first one to tell you that. Yes, I will admit to being very upset when I found the Sacagawea dollars gone. Those were things that I had been saving for our children since the time our oldest was a baby. But I am over it now. Me being mad forever isn't going to replace the dollars. I just have to start over.

3. Reading back over the original post, I realize that I didn't clarify some things. Every week my husband gets a paycheck. (A perk about working at Albertsons...weekly paychecks!) Every week he gets some money to do what he wants with. The rest he gives to me to pay bills, buy groceries, etc. Every once in a while we get to go to Great Falls and do some shopping. Usually groceries, because they are so much cheaper there. But not often. Some months we get to go, most months we don't. This is an arrangement that we have had for a long time and it works for us.

4. I don't see how he was totally humiliated. I really don't. My husband and I have discussed this and he doesn't feel humiliated either. I've told him that if he did feel that way that I was sorry, but he assures me that he wasn't. So for someone to say that I have totally humiliated him...well, I don't get it. I don't feel like I was judging him either. I have asked him if he felt I was being judgemental and he says no. I don't see how me asking him to stay out of my purse is judging him. Sorry, but I don't. Concerns were also raised about our children seeing the post in question. My children don't spend a lot of time on the computer. They are 4 and 7. If one of them IS on the computer, they are playing games. They don't read my blog and I doubt they would even know how to get to it if they wanted to.

5. The comment about monies being given to us for certain things and we didn't use the money for what it was given to us for doesn't make sense to me either. If we have needed money for something, it usually gets spent on what we needed the money for. We don't just go out and spend it on whatever we want. I CAN remember one instance in the past where , when I was a direct seller for a company, that something was ordered from me. In my ignorance I used the money for gas for our vehicle and diapers for our child. I apologized profusely to the person that I offended. They felt that I had stolen from them, which, in essence, I did. They did receive the product they ordered, and, if I remember correctly, I even gave them back the money for the product.

6. Having said that, please keep in my mind that this is my personal blog. This is where I come to write about things that are bothering me, or to keep in touch with family members, etc. While I do enjoy the comments and such, you don't have to read it. I don't make anyone read it. I won't delete comments (unless they are using vulgar language) because others have the same right to express themselves as I do. It's called Freedom of Speech and it's protected under The First Amendment.

So, again, sorry that some are offended by this. I could say that I was very hurt and blindsided by the comments that were made. And I was. But it's in the past and it doesn't do me any good to hang onto it. And no matter what some may think, my husband and I do have a good relationship. We have our moments , like any marriage, but the way our relationship is works for us. Contrary to belief, I do love him very much. He is a good man that works hard and I am always telling him that. He is a good father to our children and I am so grateful that he is willing to work hard so that I can stay at home with them. There is alot of things we go without, me especially. But that's ok. I don't mind it most of the time. If I do buy myself something, it's usually either on clearance or less than five bucks. Like the purse. I bought it used, for $5. Yes, I was excited about it. But from comments made to me and to my husband I have been turned into a villain for expressing frustration over a situation and excitement and having found a solution that I thought was going to work to remedy the cause of contention.

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Marci Knecht said...

Wow is right! I didn't see anything offensive about it. Its your blog, write what you want.