Saturday, December 1, 2007

Baby, it;s cold outside!

WOW, the last few days have been COLD. The other day I woke up to ice on my windows. No, not my car windows (altho there was ice on those too...) but the windows in my house. On the INSIDE of the windows. Boy we are insulated well huh lol! I've got some plastic to put up over the windows so hopefully that will help some. The cold air just pours in. No wonder we are always freezing. I've got the heaters on full blast but that doesn't even take the chill off. Wish we had some wood for the fireplace. But while it has been cold, it hasn't really snowed until today, thankfully. It always seems so much colder when there is snow as opposed to when there isn't snow. It snowed all day today, but there really isn't a lot of snow (knocking on wood!) for it snowing all day. I am so grateful for small blessings.

The heater in the car is also going out. Since the doors don't close (today I almost hit a car as i went around the corner...whoops!) what heat we do get just goes out the door. I have the driver's side door screwed shut, the passenger side door is the one that swings open all the time (I have it bungee corded to the other door). The sliding door won't shut all the way..I have to hotwire the car to start it because the ignition went out of it...but the car runs. . It makes an awful racket but it gets us from point A to point B. ( again, knocking on wood haha!. REALLY hope we don't get in a wreck someday as the seat belts don't work either.) Another small blessing that I am grateful for. Since this is our only car (I think it knows that too.) it keeps plugging along for us. So grateful for that. When my dad passed away he gave my husband (in his will) a big blue truck. It's been broke down for a year. Back in May(?) my dad parked it on our it just sits there. We are trying to get it fixed...but we have to tow it to the place to fix it. When it is fixed we will probably sell it or something. I don't really want it (it would be nice to have a truck) and my husband says he doesn't really want it either. It's a stick shift and he doesn't know how to drive one. I tried to teach him but it didn't work. The first time my dad tried to teach me I didn't get it either. I learned when my friends said I was driving so I better learn how to drive a stick because they weren't. My mom and my sister want to keep the truck "in the family" meaning one of them. I know my mom would like to have it to haul the camper trailer that SHE got in the will. ( My sis' husband got the motorcycle...I am sure dad never thought he would die on it.)

Started putting the Christmas decorations out today. I think I am doing the tree in snowmen again this year. (LUUUUVE snowmen...I can relate...I think it's because we are both round haha!) I have got a BEAUTIFUL Nativity set that my mother in law gave me several years ago. I haven't decided if I will put that out yet....I want to, but my cats like to knock things over and down, and I would be so sad if it got broken. I am sure I will find a place for it though.

Tomorrow (today) is Sunday. I need to go to bed so that I can get up to teach my little Primary Class. I teach 3-4 year olds. They are fun, but sometimes it is so hard to get them to pay attention. Somedays I have a really hard time falling asleep. Today is one of those days.

Wow...I just realized that I rambled alot! Sorry it's so...I don't know....disjointed, for lack of a better word. Sometimes it's good to get all those thought out of your head though. Maybe I can sleep now haha!

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