Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this next year is everything that you hope it will be and more. My main goal for this new year is to make myself healthy. Not that I am completely UN-Healthy......but I want to be healthy as much as I can for my sweet babies.

2007 definitely had it's ups and downs....more downs than ups.....but that's life. That's how it goes.

In February of 2007 we moved into our house....our very first home ever. Their whole lives my children had lived in apartments...so this was a HUGE thing for us. I really do love our home....in 2008 it will be 60 years old. It's fabulous. I love old houses.

May marked then end of Nolen's first official year of school. He loved it and was so excited to go into the first grade in the fall. I am so grateful that he loves school.

In June I turned 30. A milestone. I remember when I turned 21. I went to the opening concert for a Pearl Jam tour in Missoula. It was AWESOME! 9 years and a lifetime later....wow. Time flies.

July was definitely the hardest month out of them all. In July I had to bury my dad. This coming Sunday, January 6, marks 6 months since I've last seen his smile, heard his voice. I miss him so much.

September was the beginning of the current school year. I had a 1st grader and one in Headstart. For the first time in years....I was alone for part of the day. It was hard at first, but quickly turned into something I enjoy.

November marked the first major holiday without my dad around to eat all the pie and stick his fingers in all the pots as they cooked. We cried a little bit and wished he was there. I would give anything if he had been.

December brought a very good Christmas for us. Many friends and good people went out of their way to make it a happy holiday for us and our kids. I am so grateful for all they did. December also brought plumbing problems galore. We had an ice slick on the side road from a leak ( long story) plus the sewer backed up into our basement. Thankfully both are fixed now. Again, it was also the first Christmas without my dad. It was hard, but I think Thanksgiving was harder. I was doing real good until a group here in town called Kindred Spirits showed up at my house on motorcycles (they are a motorcycle group) to deliver Christmas cheer. At that point I just lost it. I really think it was a message from my dad.....letting me know that he loved us and that he was happy.

So here's to 2008! I am sure there will be changes in store for us. I know there will be. But they will bring growth and they will be worth it (hopefully) in the end.

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Marci Knecht said...

I'm so happy to see that you're facing the new year with a positive outlook. I hope that we have more contact this year, I've missed seeing you around on message boards, etc.