Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hello Good(bye)

Recently I was gifted an item that I did not need. (It was the Supernatural DVD Box Set Season 1, and I had that one. I TRIED to return it for Season 2).

I tried to return this item to a local store that is the only place in town that carries it. I have checked every store and this particular store was the only one that had it. So I try to take Season 1 in and exchange it for Season 2. I was not allowed to. I tried again a couple weeks later. Again, I was not allowed to. The item was more than $20 and without a gift receipt (that prints with the transaction receipt) I could not exchange the item. Even though the two items were the same price, and the store HAD the item I wanted to exchange on the shelves.

So, I wrote the company.

"Recently I received an item as a gift that was purchased at your St. George Utah store. I tried to exchange the item for one that I did not have as I had the particular item. (I had gotten the Supernatural DVD box set Season 1 as a gift and was trying to exchange it for Season 2, as I already owned the 1st season.)

I did not have a gift receipt but I just wanted to exchange it straight across for the item I wanted. They were the same price and I did not see how it would be an issue. I was NOT allowed to exchange the item as it was $42.99. I was told I couldn't since I didn't have the gift receipt. Now, just because gift receipts print off with the transaction receipt is no guarantee that the person receiving the gift will get the gift receipt as well. That is up to the gift giver. I was very upset and I am now stuck with an item that I don't need, and will have to shell out $42.99 to buy the item I want. Basically I will have to buy my own birthday present, but that is not the issue. The issue is that your return policy does not serve the customer at all...it serves XXXXX's bottom line. While I realize that my dollars will not make a difference in the grand scheme of things, I will not shop at a store that will not serve me as their customer. However, word of mouth CAN have power and all it takes is one unhappy customer, and I am very unhappy. All I wanted to do was exchange the item straight across. You had the item I was trying to return on your store shelves..it was still wrapped, so it wasn't like you couldn't turn around and sell it again. Now, as it stands, you have one unhappy customer with a big mouth and a lot of friends."

Victor, a Guest Relations Associate, wrote back:

"Dear Angela Smith,

Please accept our apologies for the disappointment you experienced while trying to exchange the Season 1 of the Supernatural DVD box set you received as gift.

As you know, XXXXX requires a receipt or a gift receipt dated within 90 days for all returns or exchanges of new, unused or defective items. That's why your St. George XXXXX store declined your return.

Since your item is a gift you'll need to ask the gift giver for the gift receipt which we gave when it was purchased. If that's lost, don't worry there are still two options for making your return. If the gift giver has a copy of the original receipt, they can simply take it to the Guest Service desk and request a reprint of the gift receipt. If they don't have the original receipt, the gift giver will need to take the item with their card or check to our Guest Service desk and ask about receipt look up. Most purchases made by check, credit, debit or GiftCards can be located and returned with this process, within 90 days.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments with us. Your feedback is helpful in our continual review of our return policy."

I'm sorry Victor, but I don't accept your apology.

"I'm sorry, but I don't accept your apology. Your Customer Service policy sucks and I am not very happy about it at all. It is not about making the customer happy which should be XXXXX #1 goal. If your company was truly a customer oriented company it would do whatever it could to make it's customers happy, and it does not and it hasn't.

While the Gift Receipt concept is good in theory, it doesn't always work. Like I stated before, it is not up to ME to ensure that I get a gift receipt with a gift that I was given from SOMEONE ELSE.

Please accept my apologies for no longer utilizing XXXXX as a shopping destination.

Angela Smith

3 Totally cool people said::

Marci Knecht said...

Well, its either Walmart (my guess) or Target - neither of which I shop at because they have crappy customer service.

Try returning it to Bestbuy, they'll take it without a reciept. LOL (I'm only half joking)

Angela said...

LOL Marci...I never even THOUGHT of trying to take it to Best Buy! GRRR! And I already gave it away to a friend who likes it as well cause every time I looked at I just got so irritated that the store with the bullseye (You were close!) wouldn't take it back!

Kimmarie said...

After reading your post about the unaccepted return, I became fustrated. As you know in the retail business, there are acceptions. AC Moore would have exchanged it for the equal value since the package was unopened. My former boss, Matt, would take it back opened but at the price the computer chose and gave a gift card. I can't believe the nerve of this manager. I would have called the main office and complained if it was a big company. Sorry to hear you no longer have the set. I would have been furious and my big mouth would have been in the store and all over the store. lol