Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Five Year Old War

So last week was our 9 year anniversary. Sometimes it feels more like 90, or 900, maybe even 9,000. But I married a good man that doesn't give himself enough credit. He is his own toughest critic. But he is a GOOD daddy and a good husband and a hard worker that tries to do everything he can to provide for us. I love you, honey.

Last week was also my friend Colleen's wedding. SO glad that is over. She looked so beautiful and happy. Right now they are in Hawaii for their honeymoon, lucky ducks. One of these days we may get a honeymoon...we never did.

Saturday was my sweet Annie's 5th birthday. She is growing up so fast. 5, going on 17. I kid you not. I love her so much and more and more every day. I am so grateful that she chose me to be her mommy.

As I was thinking about her birthday, I got to thinking about the war in Iraq. Our country went to war when I was approximately 4 and a half months pregnant with my sweet girl. I realized that as long as she has been alive, there has been a war going on. It made me very sad to know that her whole life our country has been at war. I am grateful though, that we have been able to keep most of it away from our kids, but they are not completely insulated. They DO know that there is something going on and that people, even children, have died. They realize that there are so many kids and families whose mommies and daddies aren't at home with them. I hope they can appreciate that they are so very lucky that they are able to have both their mom and dad home with them.

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