Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year

A new year has already started and we are already 6 days into it. My how the time does fly. Christmas was good for our family. The kids made out like bandits...I had managed to get Randon a few things. I didn't have anything to open on Christmas so Nolen, sweet boy that he is, wrapped up a art project he had done so I would have something to open...he felt so bad that I didn't. He is so cute.

Christmas day I had called my mom and sister to tell them Merry Christmas and my mom asked if I had talked to my sister yet or my niece, that they had something they wanted to tell me. So I called my sister and she goes "I've got some bad news." Instantly the worst things popped into my mind....something had happened to her or one of the kids. Thank goodness it wasn't that, but it was bad. My dad's dog died on Christmas Eve. He had gotten hit by a car. Brandy had let the dogs run at night because it has been so cold, so they stay in the garage during the day and she would let them run at night. A busy highway runs right in front of the house, and Shep had gotten hit by a car. I don't know if he was on the highway or what, or where he was, but Brandy said the dog catcher came up on Christmas Day and had him and said he had passed away. Poor Shep....my niece was very upset, as were my kids and me. It felt a little bit like Dad dying all over again. Shep was all we had left of him.

2 Totally cool people said::

Karalene Ludlow said...

I am sorry for your loss. Never forget though Ang that you have so much more of your father ... that you can do so much more for him. You have a wonderful memory and you will never let your memories of him get dusty.

Mach Momma said...

Hi I'm your new friend whether you like it or not. I just wanted to let you know that I was really touched by your blog on FOCA and I linked it from my blog and I had a minute, so I read some of your other posts.
Ironically, we have a few very important key things in common.
My dad died, it seemed sudden to a 14 yr old, but I guess 6 weeks is along time to basically loose 70 lbs. and your dignity.
I wish I could say it got easier, but it doesn't. But I want you to know HOW LUCKY and BLESSED you were to have your Dad as long as you did.
Did he get to see you graduate from HS, College, get married? See your his grandchildren (on earth) or meet your husband?
Did you get to visit with him as an adult and not a stupid kid who thought she had the rest of her life to get to know him?
Cherish all those memories because I am so envious. I mean everything I say in in love:)