Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The One Thing I Never Thought Would Happen to Me, or, How I Spent the Evening As a Guest of the Cache County Correctional Facility

Yesterday was a fun day. (Insert sarcasm here, as it will likely run rampant through the bulk of the post.) Sonny boy had been playing with a friend for the majority of the day, and they wanted to know if his friend could spend the night. I took him home to ask and then we were coming back to our house...we live approximately 3 blocks from each other. As I turned the corner off of his street, I saw a police cruiser parked at the end. I knew he was gonna get me because Sweet girl hadn't gotten buckled up yet (after repeated requests from me to do so). However, as we were only going three blocks I wasn't pushing it as hard as I should have either. Totally my bad there.

So anyway, the officer pulls me over, which I knew he was going to do, and he goes to run my information. He comes back a few minutes later and asks to speak with me outside the car. Uh oh. He politely informed me that there was a warrant for my arrest out of Washington County, UT, and if I was aware of it. The warrant was from a failure to appear in 2002. I remember getting a speeding ticket in 2002, but was fairly certain I had paid the ticket off. I distinctly remember certain events that lead me to believe that the ticket was paid. Anyway, the officer informs me that he is going to have to arrest me, which I knew he would. He kept saying how sorry he was and everything, and I just told him that I knew he was doing his job and it wasn't his fault. I called my husband at work and told him the situation and said that I was going to have to bring the kids and car over to him at work. So the officer follows me over to hubby's work and I drop the kids are car off to him. The officer had asked me at one point after I was done talking to hubby if it was ok if I dropped the kids off, and I just kinda laughed and said "Well, he kinda has to be ok with it. It's not like I had a choice in the matter."

So the officer takes me to the Cache County Correctional Facility, which is where I had to go because it was an inter county thing. He tells me that he is going to have to handcuff me (per policy) to bring me into the jail. I was just glad he didn't do it in front of the kids. So I was booked into the jail and waited (and waited, and waited) for hubby to come and make bail for me. (And yes, booking in is just like it shows on TV. Pictures, fingerprints, etc.)

While I was there there were a few other people brought in, 2 males and another female. The males were pretty laid back...you could tell they had rode in that rodeo before. :) The female, however, was another story completely. She was very vocal and resistant and they had to put her into a holding cell by herself. She kept kicking the door and yelling at the officers....I felt really bad for them. Really put into perspective a little bit of all the abuse I am sure the officers go through on a daily basis.

All in all, it was a very interesting experience. Certainly not one that I care to repeat, however. The officers were very pleasant (but thorough) in their job and as long as I was respectful and courteous (which I wouldn't have been anything but) they showed me the same. It was definitely something that I will never forget. I NEVER thought, in a million years, that I would have been arrested. NEVER. I didn't have that particular experience on any bucket list or anything. But oh well...life doesn't always happen according to plan.

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Incognito said...

Geeze Ang, that sucks. I'm sorry! Can you find receipts or go thru old bank statements to prove you paid your ticket? I'm so glad the officer treated you with respect.

andersoncandice said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you. The same thing happened to a friend of ours. He'd paid the ticket and they forgot to clear it off the record. So he got pulled over and spent the whole night in jail. We learned to always check and make sure it's cleared after you paid it.

Jody and Lacey said...

Oh ANG!!! I am soo soooo sorry that happened. You are so dang sweet I think I would have flipped a gasket! It is true though that if you are nice then they will usually be the same. Bummer though! At least he let you find a place for your kidos!

Anonymous said...
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