Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy March!

March is here! I can honestly say that I think March and April are two of my favorite months. I love early Spring, and March and April symbolize that for me: the earth waking up, renewing itself. Longer days, warmer temperatures. I love to see the trees budding out, their tiny green leaves unfolding into the beautiful spring sun. Tulips (one of my favorite flowers!) peeking their tiny heads above the cold ground, the sunny happiness of lilies making me smile. I love to see the robins hopping around and hear the birds chirping...gentle breezes making the neighbors wind chimes move, their twinkling melody reminding me, once again, of spring.

March is also my dad's birthday month. This year he would have been 53. I can't believe that nearly three years have passed since I last saw him, or heard his laughter. I miss you Dad, so much. Everyday I miss you.

March is also the birthday month of my bff, Toadween. (That's really not her name..just what my daughter called her cause she couldn't say Colleen, and it stuck..) I love this girl so much. I miss her so much. She lives in St. George, I live in Logan. Kind of opposite ends of the state. I haven't gotten to see her for over a year....the last time was when she and I went to the most awesome concert evah! NKOTB! WOOT! She kinda thought they were dumb, but surprised me with tix cause she knew I loved them SO much. I am still giddy that I went to their concert, over a year after the fact. Just one of the many reasons why I love her.

Happy March!

3 Totally cool people said::

Heidi said...

When March hits I don't think about Spring so much. What I think about most is "In fifteen days we can start parking on the street overnight without fear of getting a ticket") :)

Angela said...

LOL Heidi! I never thought of it that way....although I have to say that people over in my neighborhood have been parking on the street all winter anyway...

Jenn -- said...

Happy March!

Extra? HA! I'm just going for break even, that's all I need... I'm not picky. Just get me out of the red...

Hope to see you at the blessing.
Hugs to you, the kids, and Randon.

p.s. How's the gym going?