Saturday, May 15, 2010

Adventures in Logan, part 841

So last night, May 14, my family and I were traveling north on Main Street in Logan. We got up the the Main Street/1400 North intersection. We had a green light, so we proceeded to go through the light. We were in the outside lane. We had just gotten through the intersection when there is a HUGE white Dodge Ram pickup truck that was trying to turn right from 1400 North onto Main Street headed north. I start honking, because HELLO! I AM RIGHT THERE! but she proceeds to hit us anyway. So I pull over into the Bank of Utah parking lot, assuming the driver of the other vehicle is going to pull in behind us so we can trade info, yada yada yada. Nope. She changed lanes real quick and took off. Randon and I get out to assess damage and couldn't see any. We didn't know what to we call the cops, do we go on with our errands...what? Finally we decided to go on and get our groceries at Wal-Mart and go home. I figured that since the other driver had taken off and there was no damage, there wouldn't be anything we could do.

So we get home and I call my mom and she tells me that we should really go down to the police station and file a report. So we all load up again into the car and we go down to the city police to make a report. The lobby doors are locked so I call the number it tells me to. I make a report to the dispatcher and she asks me if I had called it in, and I said no. Apparently there were several witnesses to the accident and they had called it in. And from what the dispatcher said, the driver of the other vehicle had also hit a bunch of other cars, but I don't know how accurate that is. A witness had actually followed the driver to a house and gotten a plate number and called it in. We hadn't been able to get the plate number because the driver had taken off.

So we go home because the dispatcher told us that she would have an officer get in touch with us there. We get home and there is an officer waiting already. He tells us that they had gotten the driver of the other car, and the driver denied involvement in any accident. The officer had tried to find us but couldn't, so they had to let the other driver go. He takes our statements and says that he will get in touch with us when he has more information. The driver was a 15 year old girl from Preston, Idaho. She was driving on expired license plates (they expired in November of 2009!) and they couldn't track down any insurance information for her. Today the officer came back by with the insurance information. He said the driver was issued a citation (I imagine SEVERAL!) and that they (I am assuming "they" meant her parents) had mentioned to the officer something about a cash settlement or something so that it didn't have to go through insurance, but I don't know how accurate that is either. I don't think by any means the officer was lying to me, but we will see what happens.

Annie and I had gone to the ER last night because we were having some pain. My back is really bothering me now and Annie's neck is really sore. We both have some whiplash. Both Randon and Nolen said they weren't feeling any pain (Nolen DID say that his FINGER was sore...silly boy) but Annie and I were the ones feeling most of it, I think. We got hit on the rear passenger side, where Annie was sitting, so that totally makes sense. I was driving, and since we WERE hit hard enough to fishtail us out a little bit, I probably over corrected to avoid going into the other lane and getting hit there too. I don't know what happened exactly, but I DO know that my back is killing me. The owners of the other car will definitely be paying our medical bills.

So now it's a waiting game. Waiting to hear from the other people, or at least their insurance. Why does crap like this always happen to us lol?!

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Karalene Ludlow said...

I had to laugh at the part where your boy said his finger was hurt. Does that mean he flipped 'em the bird so hard it sprained his finger?