Sunday, December 31, 2006

The ball is dropping..

On another year. 2006 is winding down , just a handful of hours left on this year. Lots of things happened, both on a personal level and on a cultural level. We saw births of high profile babies (Baby Brangelina, Tom-Kitten) and deaths of cultural icons (Gerald Ford, Ed Bradley, James Brown, Steve Irwin, to name a few.) A dictator dies and I am sure, somewhere, a future one was born. We saw the fifth anniversary of a day that changed our nation forever. Military personnel still serve to protect our country, they are still persecuted by those unknowing, uncaring souls that spout death to the military, but they don't appreciate the fact that they can say those things BECAUSE our soldiers are fighting for their right to say what they want. ( I just realized that is a mega run-on sentence but it gets the point across....)

On a personal level, we moved away from our home, our family and friends, back to my hometown which is now as foreign to me as if it were Mars. I grew accustomed to Big Town and now that we are back in LittleBurg it's an adjustment. My children turned one year older, time seems to be progressing ever faster. I now have a Kindergartener and a Pre-Schooler, Mom is not used to little feet not being around. Dear Daughter gets ever more opinionated, Dear Son gets ever more sensitive, and Sweet Husband seems to be ever more in a sour mood. Mom is stuck in the middle being Moderator, Healer, Chauffeur, Cheering Section, Psychologist, Dear Abby, Life Coach (the list goes on) while trying to make sure I don't lose the part of me that everyone needs me to be. I guess that's why Heavenly Father gave mothers Big Hearts and the Power of Patience, which honestly, sometimes, that power escapes me.

So roll in 2007. May you be a Prosperous Year, a Happy Year, a Ground-Breaking Year, and all those other things that we all need you to be.

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