Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So In Love

Starting February 10 I am going to be teaching Adult Community Education. This is the first class kit for that class. It's called "So In Love". I would have liked it to have more paper, but that was all there was so everyone got 1/2 sheet of 2 different printed papers. They also get 2 sheets black cardstock, 8 or 9 different ribbons, flowers, felt, embellies.....I am pretty happy with how it turned out. We will be making mini accordion albums. I am excited but nervous too..if no-one shows up I am left with a bunch of kits!!
So on to other things. Last night we got a butt load of snow. I am so ready for Spring it isn't even funny. I am ready for warmer temps, green grass, being able to open windows and doors, letting the kids go outside and play. The thing about Montana is that the winters seem to last 9 months, then you have 1 month of spring, 1 month of summer, and 1 month of fall. Then it's back to winter. I love how snow looks, how pretty and white and when it's fresh fallen, unspoiled. But I am still ready for spring.

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