Monday, February 12, 2007

I have the key!

To my new house! OK, so it's not was built in 1950...but it's new to me and my little family. I just love it. It has the main floor and a basement..4 bedrooms, 2 full baths...a GINORMOUS yard...I am so excited to get into it. The entire upper floor (with the exception of the kitchen and the bathroom) has HARDWOOD FLOORS in it. I have always wanted a home with hardwood floors. Even before hardwood became vogue again. I will post pics of it when it's not so snowy and you can actullay see the house and not just a blur of white.

Speaking of snow...I am sick of it. I am so ready for spring! It has been snowing almost non-stop for the last week. Lady Spring keeps teasing us with her winsome wiles, then hands things off to Old Man Winter again. Please lovely Lady! Come and stay! But we don't have as much snow as other places in the country, so for that I am grateful.

As the whole world knows, Anna Nicole Smith has passed on. I am sure there are lots and lots of blog posts about this one. I for one just think it is really really sad. She was so young....reminds me of Marilyn. She always wanted to be like Marilyn. Now she is, even in death.

And her poor baby. She is only five months old and will never know her mother. I hope that she will get to know who her mother really was instead of how the media portrayed her.

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