Friday, February 23, 2007

Our a very very very fine house....

We are FINALLY in a home of our own. After many tries, we are finally in our home. I love it. It's not in an area of the country where I would have liked it to be, but that is ok. It's ours. I've got a ginormous yard and hardwood floors....I have always wanted hardwood floors. The only requirement I had for a home that didn't get met was that I wanted to have the yard fenced, and it isn't. So when the ground thaws that will be a project for the spring. I have precious commodities that will be using the yard this spring and I am not taking any chances on their safety.

In other news...Creative Scrap Shack is closing their DT call today. I was gonna apply but didn't. There are so many reasons why...1. I was in the middle of moving and had no space to create anything. B. I have this hang up about rejection and it's happened a lot. So, in order to save myself the heartache I didn't even try. Now, I don't KNOW that I wouldn't have gotten picked. For all I know I MIGHT have. But right now I am in a mode where it has happened so many times (not getting picked for a DT) that there is this little guy in my head thats saying "you are not gonna get picked so why put yourself thru that?

So enough of the pity party. I can't wait to see who does get the call. There are some very talented ladies over there.

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