Saturday, January 19, 2008

It. Is. Cold.

So, we have gotten our first REAL snowstorm of the winter. It has been snowing here for the last 5 days. It will stop for a little bit, maybe a few hours, and then it starts coming down good again. I know we haven't really had a lot of snow yet, but I am sick of it already. I am so ready for Spring.

So, we have decided ( at least 99.99999%) that we are going to go back to St. George. There's a lot of thought that has gone into this decision, and we have both realized that that is where we want to be. We have been getting a lot of flack for this decision, especially from my mom. She says my husband is being selfish and immature...she doesn't get that this is a decision WE made TOGETHER. She keeps making little catty comments and being today, Annie was saying how she couldn't wait for Spring. My mom looked at her and said, "Annie, I don't know why. You aren't gonna have a yard to play in or be able to watch flowers grown or anything." The yard we currently have is HUGE....the previous owners planted TONS of gorgeous flowers....easter lilies, tulips, daisies, canterbury may beautiful flowers. I really love our home. I wish we could stay. But even though I want to stay, I want to do what is right even more. And we feel that is moving. She doesn't realize that these little comments that she feels the need to interject all the time are hurtful. Yeah, I know what moving entails. I know that my kids are gonna have to live in an apartment. I hate that, but that's the way it is. At least it will be for awhile. Kids deserve to have a space of their own. I know that my kids are gonna have to start over in the schools. I know that we probably won't be able to get a least not for a while. If my mom has thought of all these things and more once, I've thought of them a million times. She told me today..."You aren't even going to let Nolen finish 1st grade?! And I said that yes, he would get to finish 1st grade in St. George. She said "But they are gonna be in a different spot than he is....he's gonna be so confused he won't know what is going on!" I said that was a possibilty....believe me, I have gone over the school issue SO many times it isn't even funny. I told her, "Mom, I would like to wait till Summer, but I know we won't have the money to go in the summer." She shrugged her shoulders like ,Oh well, I guess you will have to stay then. I continued on that it made sense to me for us to move when we would have the funds, and that will be tax season. She goes, "It doesn't make sense to me for you to move at all. Sometimes I think neither one of you have any sense."

And it goes on and on. Every day, she says something. I am trying very hard to do the Christian thing and turn the other cheek, etc. She makes it so hard. We have prayed about this decision and thought it over and over...she doesn't get it. She says: "I wouldn't think that GOD would want you to pack up your family and move again."

There's a few reason's why we want to move...and a big one is my mother. As much as I love her, I have come to the realization that we have a better relationship if I am not living in the same area as she does. I would like to stay....but I just can't take the little snippy things she says anymore. I really can't. The other day she got SO mad at me because I wouldn't drive my nieces to school. They live TWO blocks from school. In order for me drive them, I have to drive all the way across town to get them. If I am taking Nolen, I don't mind getting them. But VERY rarely do I take Nolen to school. He walks to the bus stop, which is two blocks away, and waits IN THE COLD for the bus to get there. Randon takes him. After the bus has left Randon leaves...usually to work.

Now, if my son can walk two blocks to the bus stop and wait for it....I don't get why my nieces can't walk two blocks to school. But I'm selfish that way.

ETA: My sister lives here with her 4 children and her new husband. I also have an aunt that lives 52 miles away.

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Marci Knecht said...

I understand why your Mom is being so difficult - once you leave she's going to be alone. With your Dad gone, she's been alone but she's had you there to keep her sane, without you, she'll just feel the sense of loss that much more.

She'll get over it though. My whole family was like that when we left Canada to come down here, but they all got over it. Your Mom will too. I just hope you haven't bitten your tongue off by then!

Everyday Life of a Working Mom said...

I think you should move close to us. You get the mountians that you love, wonderful springs, and summers that don't go above 100--usually :). Besides, we can do monthly dinners and our children can actually spend time together. See?

Tina said...

Hi. I'm from the faith sisters board. Is your only reason for leaving your mom? I mean do you or your husband have a better job waiting in the new place? Do you have friends or a support group there? Did you live there previously?
I do understand wanting to leave your mom. I have done that and my sister is wanting to do that. We have the very same type of mom!
My best advice is to follow your heart. You and your husband have to do what is right for every memeber of your family. If you do that, you will be fine! I wish you the very best!!! Tina