Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Old Friends

The last few days I have been reconnecting with old friends, and it has been nice. When I left home after high school I moved to Missoula, MT, to go to college. My major was theater....I worked in the costume shop in the Drama Dept. my first semester and it was SO much fun. I really enjoyed it. It was so neat to go see the productions and see the costumes that I had helped build. I learned how to do French Seams (REALLY hard!), pleats, and a host of other really hard stitches.

Anyway, the almost 4 years that I lived in Missoula I made a fantastic group of people. We all went to church together and just became really close. After I got married and moved to Utah, I pretty much lost contact with them. This week I have been finding some of them (mostly by accident, 1 or 2 I searched out) and it has been so nice to just say hi. 9-10 years have passed since I have seen some of them. We are all at different parts in our lives now...but it is still nice to catch up a little bit. Makes me realize how much I have really missed some of these people. Hopefully the next 9-10 years won't pass without us keeping in touch better.

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