Saturday, August 30, 2008

An eventful first week in Logan

Our first week in Logan has passed, not uneventfully, I might add. The first night we were here, I was talking to a neighbor gal and one of her kids came up and asked if we were going to move again. I made the comment that No, I was NEVER going to move again because I was so sick of it and the only way I would be moving from the place we were at was if I was taken away in a hearse. The neighbor gasped, and said "The last guy that lived there DID get taken away in a hearse!" WHOOPS. Unfortunately, he had taken his own life after his wife left him.

And then, on Wednesday, I think it was, Sweet Boy had a friend that wanted to come over. I said that since I didn't know this little boys mom and she didn't know me that it was probably not a good idea but I gave him our address and phone number to pass along to his mom so that we could talk and arrange for the boys to play. Well, about an hour and a half after school let out the school calls, wondering if we have seen this little boy. He never made it home. A little while later the school calls back and says the police are there and want to talk to Sweet Boy about his friend. So now I am kinda freaking out because we were the last ones that saw this little boy and now he is missing. FINALLY, at around 6:30...THREE HOURS after school got out this little boys mom calls and says that he has been found. I was so relieved. Sweet Boy had been worried too and was glad that his little friend was found.

Fast forward to Thursday...Darling Girl is outside playing with her friends. I am in the midst of unpacking some boxes and all of a sudden hear a shriek and intense crying. I fly down the stairs to see what the matter is and she has been stung several times by a wasp. There are TONS of wasps and hornets around here, and lots around our house. They make their nests in the eaves and inbetween the siding and the house. I panic, because I am allergic to them and I don't know if the kids are or not. So we tear off to the emergency room and we get in there and she has been stung 3 times and is having an allergic reaction. They gave her some meds and watched her for a while to make sure she didn't go into anaphalactic (sp?) shock. I am urged to purchase at least 3 Epi-Pens and have them available at all times. (Ok, seriously...those things are $90 each! NO way I can afford those!) Anyway, it turns out that she is in fact allergic, thanks to mom haha, and they are fairly certain that Sweet Boy would be as well.

Whooda thunk that our first week in the beatiful Cache Valley would be filled with such, mayhem, intrique, panic-y moms, bitten nails, missing children, etc.?

Can't wait to see what next week brings.

3 Totally cool people said::

Jenn -- said...

I used three bottles of this stuff over the summer. Get one that sprays about 20 feet and then run :).

We are also surrounded. Hate wasps!

Love you!

Karalene Ludlow said...

Hopefully there aren't any "ghosts" lingering about :) ... can't wait to hear more adventures!

Lisamariemlt said...

hey there
haven't seen you about for a bit so thought I would visit here
ouch on those stings
are you still needing an epipen????
contact me for more info I can help out
me.............hey girlie miss yah on creativity unbound